Pollen Is Back in Town

Pollen Irritates Us and Our Cars

In early spring, blooming trees, particularly conifers, release copious amounts of pollen. A greenish-yellow dust settles everywhere along house tops, the ground and everything in between — including on your car.

Pollen itself is not especially harmful. For some people, it makes it harder for them to breathe or causes sneezing — a problem best left to the medical experts. When pollen settles on any surface, it typically stays there until wind or rain removes it. For car owners, though, leaving pollen in place is not just unsightly; it could also damage the paint.

Pollen is considered environmental fallout, along with acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap and decaying insects as threats to material surfaces, including auto finishes. Leaving pollen on your car or waiting for nature to provide assistance does it no good.

Spring Wash


One of the most important things you can start doing is washing all that dust, tree pollen, bird droppings, and grime off your car. All these things resting on your car for too long will damage the paint job. On average your vehicle’s paint is only about 0.006 inches thick allowing for things as common as bird droppings to easily ruin your exterior paint job. You can take your car to the best car wash in town, or you can do it yourself. Get a soft clean cotton cloth, a bucket, a car cleaning solution from the store, and get started.

Cover Up


Make sure your car has the proper cover it needs to protect its paint. It’s important to remember the qualities that make a good car cover before purchasing one. Covers are designed to take a beating from mother nature, that’s why you need something with multi-layers of protection. A Seal Skin All Weather Outdoor Cover  is the industries highest quality cover. The cover leverages 5 layers of impenetrable multi-layer fabrics, they offer unmatched strength and durability. The cover also features a fleece interior protecting your car’s exterior finish. All Seal Skin Covers are treated with advanced UV inhibitors for protection against harmful UV rays & heat. Leaving your car fully protected until the next drive!


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