Fall Motorcycle Fun Tips!

Fall Motorcycle Fun Tips

Fall is the perfect time to hit those open roads and take in all the natural beauty. Here at Seal Skin Covers we’ll admit that one of the best things to do outdoors when the temperatures cool and the leaves start changing colors is taking a ride on the back of a motorcycle. Before you head out, however, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for what is or could be waiting for you out on the open road. To help make sure you’re ready, we’ve shared a list of fall riding tips from the Illinois State Police. Take a few minutes to read through the list and then feel free to set out on your chopper.

Check Your Skill Set: 

Your skill set can diminish if you don’t ride regularly, so if it’s been awhile since you’ve been on your bike, take some time to re-acclimate yourself. Find an open area to do some slow speed maneuvering and a few braking drills.

Hazard Awareness: 

Always maintain a constant state of awareness while riding. Call out hazards such as children, blind curves, railroad crossings, deer, etc. to help you prepare for something and force you to scan beyond your normal boundaries.

Wet Weather:

Wet Weather

Keep rain gear with you along with a pair of clear glasses or a helmet with a shield. Adjust your riding speed for conditions and watch for standing water. Gear up, slow down, create distance, and stay focused when conditions are wet.

Leaves are Falling: 

Leaves are Falling

Falling leaves can present a unassuming hazard. Fall colors can distract drivers in vehicles as well as riders so keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Also, leaves that have accumulated on the road can be slick and can reduce your bike’s traction. Be aware and reduce your speed.

Cover Up Your Chopper:

Cover Up Your Chopper

Seal Skin™ Supreme Motorcycle Covers are the most powerful covers available. These covers provide all season indoor and outdoor protection. Leveraging 5 impenetrable multi-layer fabrics, they offer unmatched strength and durability. The cover also features a fleece interior protecting your motorcycle’s exterior finish. We ensure that the Fall doesn’t fall on your beautiful motorcycle.

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