Caring For A New Motorcycle

Caring For A New Motorcycle

1. Break it in properly.

Essential for motorcycle maintenance is that you treat it right during the first few thousand kilometres of its life. Read the manual for break-in guidelines.

2. Get to know the inner workings.

A motorbike is a pretty complicated machine, but once you understand how the individual pieces function, the rest is more straightforward and regular motorcycle maintenance becomes easier.

3. Check the oil regularly.

You should change the oil every 5,000 or 10 ,00km, depending on the model of the motorcycle. Note that during summer the bike will use more oil, while in winter it will last a bit longer.

4. Maintain the brake pads.

The next motorcycle tip? When the brake pads are thinner than 2mm, it’s time to change them. This could save your life.

5. Cover Your Motorcycle

Seal Skin™ Supreme Motorcycle Covers are the most powerful covers available. These covers provide all season indoor and outdoor protection. Leveraging 5 impenetrable multi-layer fabrics, they offer unmatched strength and durability. The cover also features a fleece interior protecting your motorcycle’s exterior finish.

We’ve listed the benefits of our Supreme Covers below.

  1. 10 year warranty.
  2. 5 Layers of protection.
  3. Ultrasonically welded seams for 100% water resistance.
  4. Micro-porous film promotes breathability and prevents mildew and rotting.
  5. Soft fleece interior lining protects your car’s exterior finish.
  6. Treated with advanced UV inhibitors for protection against harmful UV rays & heat.
  7. Multiple layers help protect against dings and scratches.
  8. Superior all-season indoor and outdoor protection.
  9. Protects against extreme weather elements like sun, rain, snow, and ice.
  10. Protects against bird droppings.
  11. Protects against tree sap, dust, dirt, and other harmful pollutants.
  12. Prevents damage from smog, over spray, tree sap, and bird droppings.
  13. Reinforced grommets on both sides of the cover.
  14. Elastic hem cord around the perimeter of the cover ensures a snug fit.
  15. Free storage pouch.
  16. 10 year warranty.
  17. Installs easily in under 60 seconds.

6. Keep tires in perfect shape.

Check the pressure and the tread of your tire before you start any journey to make sure there are no holes, cracks, tears or any wear that could put you in danger. Tires are affected by weather and ground conditions, so look out for rot if you live or often ride in damp areas. An important motorcycle maintenance tip is to check tire pressure regularly with a pressure gauge. Do this when the bike is cool, and not during a ride.

7. Take care of the chain.

Motorcycle chain maintenance means ensuring your chain has the right amount of slack at the tightest spot. Too much tension will cause problems with your wheels and gearbox bearings. Another motorcycle care tip is to add lube to your chain when you return from a ride and while it’s still warm, so that the chain can absorb the oil as it cools. Clean the chain with a cloth and kerosene whenever you change the oil.

8. Check the spark plug yourself.

If your spark plugs are dirty or badly corroded they need to be replaced ASAP to avoid wearing them out completely. While performing your regular motorbike check,  include the spark plugs. The engine should be cool for at least two hours. Dust off old spark plugs, unscrew with a spark plug socket and ratchet and inspect it. If it’s orange then it’s fine; if it’s white then your engine is overheating. A black spark plug can mean the air and fuel mixture is too rich. New spark plugs should be added by hand to ensure you don’t screw them on too tightly.

9. Clean the air filter.

Another motorcycle care tip is to clean the air filter. If it’s dirty, doesn’t fit correctly or isn’t properly oiled, dirt and grit can work its way into the engine. Follow the motorcycle maintenance plan closely and if you ride on dusty roads often, clean and replace the air filter regularly.

10. Take care of the motorcycle battery.

Part of your general motorcycle maintenance is to check your battery monthly. Terminals should be clean to prevent corrosion. Check the connectors on the terminals are not loose – if they are the bike won’t start. Regularly check the battery for leaks and charge it once a week. Allowing them to be completely exhausted will only shorten their life and impact their performance.

Follow these steps and you’d keep your motorcycle in great shape!

Cover Your Motorcycle

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