Don’t Leave Your Ass…ets Exposed

Dont Leave Your Assets Exposed

Don’t ever settle for life without a boat cover. Are you insane? Purchasing a good quality cover should be a no brainer. We don’t opt not to own a roof and a couple of solid walls to hold our precious home valuables do we? Same goes with a boat. Some things are just necessary. To protect everything on board and everything outside we’re going to want to purchase the best quality cover money can buy. Cheap covers will do the general job, but in reality how long will they last? You can end up going through four cheap covers in one year compared to the cost of one good cover that will last you years to come. Now that summer is coming to a close, chances are you’re getting ready to store your boat.

You’re going to need a proper cover to withstand the elements. Why not  choose a cover with five sheets of layering to it. The SealSkin 1200 cover is the Michael Jordan of all the covers on the market. It is constructed with superior 1200 denier polyester fabric, and over time it doesn’t shrink or stretch thin. The cover fits just right with incredible attention to detail. The double stitched seams with rot-proof threads provide for extra strength and water resistance. The emphasis of breathable materials in our cover ensures air circulation and prevents mildew from forming beneath the cover. The additional UV inhibitors protected against harmful UV rays that fade away the paint on my boat. A lot of people opt for a generic fit cover and forget how big those get, the cover came with a sewn in hem cord to secure the fit of the cover on the boat and straps for tailoring. To top everything off, a 10 year warranty is provided so sleep easy knowing that if your cover breaks then your entire world doesn’t break with it. You’d get another cover before you can even say Yamaha.

Dont Leave Your Assets Exposed

Dont Leave Your Assets Exposed

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