A Couple Of Tips To Save Boat Owners Money

Do Small Jobs Yourself

A Couple Of Tips To Save Boat Owners Money

The cost of labor on many jobs that can be done yourself will surprise you. Something as simple as repainting your boat can quickly become a $150-$500 job. Here are a list of jobs you can do with the help of a YouTube guide.

1. Fitting a new propeller
2.Changing your rudder bearings

Give Any Damage Immediate Attention

A Couple Of Tips To Save Boat Owners Money

Don’t let damage go unchecked! Putting off any type of damage to your for another time only leads to problems in the future. Save yourself the headache and repair any damage you may come across. In addition make sure to inspect exterior of your boat after every use. You may not notice a hidden problem until it’s too late.

Keep The Interior Fresh

A Couple Of Tips To Save Boat Owners Money

Maintaining the interior of your boat is extremely important. If you neglect to maintain the interior of your boat then you might end up losing thousands of dollars replacing simple things. The interior furniture in your boat will begin to experience wear and tear, and any metal pieces on board can begin to rust. Keep these pieces well lubricated and wipe down all furniture after a days use.

A Proper Boat Cover 

A Couple Of Tips To Save Boat Owners Money

The only person who loses when passing over the best protection for their boat is you. Here at Seal Skin Covers we come from a family of boat owners who’ve come to love and treasure our boats. That’s why we don’t just use any old tarp or shrink wrap on our boats, we use high quality boat covers. The value that comes from our covers is unmatched. Don’t get fooled into buying a fully custom cover for thousands of dollars when our semi-custom boat covers are matched to your boat. Our boat covers are made from marine polyester and completely waterproof and breathable. Available in three different colors navy blue, ocean blue, and grey. Seal Skin Covers has a guaranteed fit for your boat, we’re extending a 10% off discount towards your purchase. All you have to do is enter promo code “COVERME” and we’ll even include free shipping.

Check Your Battery

A Couple Of Tips To Save Boat Owners Money

Boat batteries will power things like bilge pumps, lights, and sound systems. They are also different than car batteries. We strongly recommend that you use deep cycle marine batteries for your motor boats. Take extra caution if you keep your boat on salt water as exposure to salt water will accelerate corrosion of metal parts.If your boat batteries are properly maintained, you will be able to enjoy them for five to seven years! Some people use their motor boats far more often than others, and generally, those who do have batteries last longer. In order to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your engine and electrical system, you should start and run your boat regularly to maintain proper lubrication of engine parts and charge of your battery.

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