The Toughest Boat Cover For The Toughest Boat

It’s an urban legend that Boston Whaler’s are unsinkable and one of the toughest boats on the market. You can take a chainsaw and saw a Boston Whaler in half and you won’t sink. The legends actually happen to be true. Water can completely breach the hull of one of these majestic legends and you’d stay afloat.

Here is a video of a Boston Whaler being torn in two by a chainsaw and still operating.

Trust Us To Keep Your Boston Whaler Covered

At Seal Skin Covers we pride ourselves in having the best Boston Whaler covers on the market. We’ve served Boston Whaler owners for over 10 years with thousands of happy customers. A Boston Whaler may be able to survive with its hull chopped off, but it’s certainly not immune to mother nature. Make sure to get the best quality cover on the market this boating season and choose our Seal Skin™ 1200. The Seal Skin™ 1200 is our most powerful cover available. This lightweight cover features unmatched strength and durability. The 1200 denier fabric is waterproof and provides excellent protection against sun, rain, wind and snow. The breathable fabric provides superior air circulation that protects against mildew, dampness and musty odors. The cover is designed specifically for trailering and is easy to install thanks to our Seal Skin™ adjustable straps. Only trust the best quality cover for your legendary Boston Whaler.

The Toughest Boat Cover For The Toughest Boat

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