How to Care For Your Bimini Top for Maximum Enjoyment

How to Care For Your Bimini Top for Maximum Enjoyment

Don’t neglect to maintain your Bimini top this boating season! Good maintenance will keep your Bimini top around for many more summers to come. Here’s a couple of insightful tips to keeping your Bimini top in top shape.

Seal Skin Covers manufactures the highest quality Bimini tops on the market. They’re built to virtually withstand the harshest conditions. Everything including moisture, dirt, rain, and violent sun rays. Your Bimini top will require you to give it a good clean every once in a while. As much as your cover serves as a great guardian against marine damage you still have to watch out for all mold and grime that begins to settle on top of the fabric. All Bimini tops face this problem, but it’s a simple clean that will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Here’s our guide to keep your Bimini top cover serve you a lifetime!

Maintaining Stainless Steel and Aluminum Bimini Top Frames

Once you’ve finished using your boat for the day you’re going to need to clean your Bimini frame. Destructive elements such as sea breeze will deteriorate the frame. That breeze often times carries salt which is extremely destructive. Too much neglect to clean your frame inevitably leads to having to buy a replacement. There are cleaners that are made for boats that are friendly to the hardware and won’t further damage your frame. We recommend using a cleaner that caters to boats. As an added precaution it’s important to note that  any cleaner containing chlorine or phosphorus ingredients is harmful for your boat.

Protecting The Hardware 

Don’t forget to take care of the smaller bits such as zippers and fasteners. A quick treatment of marine silicone spray will help preserve those parts. It’s a marine resistant and odorless coating that leaves a protective barrier on your hardware from rusting and corrosion. This product can also be used on canvas, rubber, leather, wood, and nylon.

Cleaning The Fabric

The next step in keeping your Bimini top maintained is cleaning the fabric. The fabric accumulates mold and mildew. So here’s some quick and easy steps to cleaning your fabric.  Keep in mind that washing your Seal Skin Bimini top will not fade it as long as you stay away from bleach solutions and harsh chemicals. Soap and dish washing liquid will do a superb job at cleaning your fabric. For any annoying debris that requires some extra elbow grease we suggest using a soft bristle brush on those spots.

How to Care For Your Bimini Top for Maximum Enjoyment


  • Prepare a solution of warm water and liquid dish washing soap. NO DETERGENTS OR HARSH CHEMICALS
  • Soft brush and gentle cleaning
  • A clean water rinse
  • Allow the fabric to air dry thoroughly, no use of mechanical dryers
  • Additionally add fabric guard to maintain coating

Follow these steps and you’d keep your Bimini in great condition!

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