Best Bennington Pontoon Cover On The Market

Best Bennington Pontoon Cover On The Market

Protect Your Pontoon!

Don’t let your Bennington Pontoon go uncovered. Seal Skin Covershas proudly served Bennington pontoon owners for over 10 years. We pride ourselves with having the best pontoon coverson the market! This boating season we’ve provided covers to over 10,000 new Bennington Pontoon owners. They’ve certainly gained mass popularity this year and we’re here to reassure you that our covers are the perfect fit for your new pontoon.

The Importance Of Covering Your Bennington Pontoon!

  • boat cover can prevent your pontoon boat from scratches and dents that can be caused by falling twigs and branches. A cover can also protect your boat from fading, blocking the harsh rays of the sun from your boats interior.
  • Keep your pontoon boat bug, pest and bird dropping free. Covering your boat can deter critters from climbing in and making your boat their home when it’s not in use.
  • Deter casual theft. You are far less likely to the victim of boat equipment theft if your gear is hidden by a boat cover. It prevents people from looking in and is more work for thieves, which is likely to make them move along.
  • Save money on storage costs. By purchasing a boat cover you’ll be able to store your boat safely when not in use.

Best Bennington Pontoon Cover On The Market

Looking to protect your investment? Then here’s all you need to know about the quality of our EliteShield™ 1200 pontoon cover.

About Our EliteShield™ 1200

EliteShield™ 1200 is the most powerful pontoon boat cover available. This lightweight cover features unmatched strength and durability. The 1200 denier fabric is waterproof and provides excellent protection against sun, rain, wind and snow. The breathable fabric provides superior air circulation that protects against mildew, dampness and musty odors. The cover is designed specifically for trailering and is easy to install thanks to our EliteFit™ adjustable straps.

  • We offer our EliteShield&trade 1200 in three popular colors – Navy Blue, Grey & Ocean Blue
  • Superior 1200 denier polyester fabric. Won’t shrink or stretch
  • Double stitched seams with rot-proof threads provide added strength and water resistance
  • Reinforcements sewn (not glued) at all major wear points
  • Superior breathability ensures air circulation and protects against mildew, dampness and musty odors
  • Treated with advanced UV inhibitors for protection against harmful UV rays

Best Bennington Pontoon Cover On The Market

Did We Forget To Mention You Get Two Free Items?

Best Bennington Pontoon Cover On The Market

Elite Cover Storage Bag

  • Breathable Mesh
  • Convenient Draw Cord
  • Light Weight

Elite Cover Straps

  • Adjustable Strap Kit
  • Quick-release buckle

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