How To Clean Your Boat Cover

How To Clean Your Boat Cover

You’ve successfully purchased your first Seal Skin Cover! A couple months have gone by and you’ve noticed it’s time to give your cover a good cleaning. Well, here’s a guide on how to properly clean and keep your cover in great condition.

1. First…and Foremost

Don’t allow debris to make a home on top of your cover! Depending on where you have your boat stored, you might have to watch out for debris laying on top of your cover. Things such as tree limbs, twigs, leaves, stray newspapers, and just about everything under the sun can find its way up there. As much as your cover does a good job to protect your boat from random debris, it can quickly become a problem. These things stay on top of your cover and weigh it down as time progresses. It also has a chance of causing mold and mildew.

2. How To Clean The Cover

Things like mold and mildew occur from time to time, but it’s completely natural. Here’s how you get rid of it without damaging your cover. The use of a power washer will be effective in cleaning your cover, but be careful what setting you use. We highly recommend putting the setting on low. However, you don’t need a power washer. The use of a regular garden hose is equally as effective when washing down your cover. We always tell our customers  DO NOT USE A WASHING MACHINE as it can undo some of the stitching on your cover, and it can be expensive to get a cover restitched or cause you to use your warranty replacement long before you’ll ever need to.The stains are going to require a little extra attention from you. So we’ve put together a mixture to help you clean those hard to remove stains on your cover.

Here’s what you need to mix to remove those annoying stains


  • 1 cup of Borax powder
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 2 cups of warm water

If you have a spray bottle at home this will make applying the solution much easier.

3. Boat Cover Support System

How To Clean Your Boat Cover

An investment in a support system for your cover can go a long way in preventing water pooling. Seal Skin Covers stocks boat cover support systems that are strong and reliable. Our support systems are designed to keep water, snow, leaves, etc from accumulating on your boat. Built from strong aluminum tubing these support systems extend the life of your cover and your investment.

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