What You’ll Need To Know About Red Snapper Fishing This Season

What You'll Need To Know About Red Snapper Fishing This Season

As the season begins for boaters and recreational fishermen all across the United States we’d like to keep you updated with some things you might need to know.

For those of us located down in Mississippi the great news is recreational fishermen and charter boat anglers can start catching the sweet-tasting red snapper up to 230 miles from the Mississippi Coast starting May 25.

A special federal permit must be acquired to allow private fishermen to fish these red scaled fellas.

This harvest would not be allowed without the approval of the permit, and it applies to other Gulf of Mexico states, the MDMR said.

Mississippi’s quota is 137,949 pounds, to be split between recreational fishermen and the state for-hire anglers, or charter boats. The quota is 135,149 pounds for recreational fishermen and 2,800 pounds for charter boats.

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