Who Forgot To Flush?

Who Forgot To Flush

Flush your boat’s cooling system! This step surprisingly is overlooked by many boat owners. To better understand why, I’m going to make the analogy to why we flush our toilets in real life without going into any unpleasant details. Just like a toilet overtime unpleasant things fill the space inside it. In your boat’s case what fills the inside of the cooling system consists of salt, dirt, and corrosion. The last thing any boat owner needs is a broken cooling system, so it’s essential we make sure to flush it out before storing our boat. As recommended by our friends at Boatingworld.

To flush an open cooling system, you disconnect a hose from the water pump, connect a separate freshwater hose and then reconnect the original hose. Locate your engine’s water pump and identify the raw-water hose. Follow it to where it is connected to the raw-water source.  Make sure all the water is completely drained from the engine. During this time also make sure to replenish your boat’s fuel and change your fuel filter. The benefit of having your fuel tank filled is you don’t have to worry about any condensation accumulating when the boat has to be stored away again. An extra step that some boat owners will have to do is replenish the boat’s anti-freeze. Simply add antifreeze to your boat’s cooling system.

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