Treat Your Engine Like It’s Gold!

Treat Your Engine Like It_s Gold

Your engine is the heart of your boat. Think about it for a second, a human being can have brain damage and survive, but a heart that doesn’t work will more than ensure you won’t be in operation either. So just like a regular heart we’re going to want to take good care of our engine. Luckily, we’re here to guide you through this process. Your outboard engine or sterndrive engine for some will have build up overtime. There are products that help treat this. Two highly recommended products we’ve come to love are Sierra Carbon Cleaner & Sierra Combustion Cleaner.

The carbon cleaner will effectively remove gum and any carbon deposits from your engine’s internal parts. It handles everything from the intake port valves down to the combustion chambers. Don’t forget to run the Combustion Cleaner through your fuel system to do away with any moisture. You’ll find that adding Combustion Cleaner will also stabilize the boat’s fuel while it’s in storage. Once you run the cleaner through fuel system it’s recommended you let your engine run for a short while so that it begins to circulate properly. When you’ve completed this step pat yourself on the back for successfully taking care of your boat’s engine.

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