Maintenance Tips For Boating Season

Maintenance Tips For Boating Season

A Clean Boat Is a Happy Boat. It’s better to do it now rather than later. Let’s be honest the first thing on your mind when you’re taking your boat back onto the water again is the amount of fun you’re about to indulge in. Aside from you having to do less work in the future, you’d avoid any dirt from corroding away at your boat’s paint finish. You can start by cleaning the topside of the boat.

Personally I like to work my way up from the bottom all the way to the deck. During the cleaning process it’s in your best interest to identify any cracks or blistering on your boat. This is especially common on boats constructed from fiberglass. If any blisters are found repair them immediately, especially if your boat stays out in the water for prolonged periods of time outside of storage. For those of us with bimini tops, windscreens, and spray hoods, the next step would be to make sure those are nice and clean. For all canvas pieces on your boat you’d want to make sure they’re dry and stored away. We highly recommend storing away canvas pieces. As we approach the beginning of boating season Seal Skin Covers will provide useful tips for keeping your boat in good shape this summer!

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