How To Prevent Boat Theft

How To Prevent Boat Theft

  1. Remembering and taking inventory of everything on board your boat will always be a smart move to make as a boat owner. Records of all your equipment are necessary in case of a emergency or theft.
  2. Having installed a secure storage will be useful. Any valuable equipment that you have on board that can’t be moved to a safe location when docked or being trailered should be in a lockable secure compartment.
  3. Another beneficial thing is to have an alarm system installed on to your boat. A GPS tracker hidden in the boat will find itself useful in the event of a boat theft.
  4. Having a lockable fuel cap to prevent thieves from having access to your gas will come in handy. Using a deadbolt locking mechanism will prevent entry to the cabin.
  5. Having your boat secured with a wheel camp when it’s being trailered will stop an ambitious thief. Secure your dinghy to the boat using either a chain or padlock.
  6. If possible, you might want to seek out marinas with security and excellent security lights.
  7. The things that could be removed like electronics and your personal jewelry should be removed from the boat. Never take a chance leaving it on board. Thieves thrive on forgetfulness.
  8. When you trailer your boat and take it to your home or property, it’s in your best interest to not leave it exposed so that people can easily see it. Try to have it in a location where wandering eyes can’t find it.
  9. Keeping your important documents close to you after leaving the boat is necessary to prevent both boat theft and identity theft.
  10. The last thing you should have is boat insurance. Extremely important, as it only works in your favor to protect your boat.

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