Luxury Car Subscription Service

Luxury Car Subscription Service

The subscription world has seen some pretty impressive things over the past decade. We’ve evolved from magazinesfood subscriptions, and cologne discovery all the way to luxury cars. You’ve read that last line correctly, we’re going to see this new service being unveiled by Mercedes Benz. They’re going to offer consumers the ability to drive a different model Mercedes every month. In this modern era of car leasing, financing, and rental services it’s hard for anyone to not be able to afford to get behind of the wheel of one of Germany’s finest luxury sport vehicles.

Luxury Car Subscription Service

The entire concept of vehicle subscription services are gaining traction with automakers and third-party companies. The most attractive thing to the consumer is the freedom this grants them over leasing. With popular websites like which makes it easier for people to transfer leases before the end of their contracts, we’ve come to the conclusion that a car subscription service is theoretically ideal in today’s climate of impatient consumers. You’ve got a buffet of cars at your disposal now. If you pulled up to your local country club last week in the Mercedes E-Class then everyone will be surprised to see you in the new Mercedes GLA-Class the following month. It gives people what they want, which is a variety. According to Automotive News at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes will be rolling out the flat-rate subscription very soon. You’d be allowed to drive 12 models, during the course of a year. Isn’t that crazy? You have a Benz for literally every month of the year. That’s a lot of car covers! Kanye West once said, “Mayonnaise colored Benz I push miracle whips”. Looks like it’s in the future everyone will have a chance to drive a miracle whip.


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