Nissan’s new Formula E spot to target “much younger” audience than F1

nissan formula e sealskincovers

It was just this year that we found out that Nissan sold more electric vehicles than Tesla Motors. Now we’re finding out that Nissan will become the first Japanese manufacturer to enter Formula E. Elon Musk fanboys have certainly kept their mouths shut when it’s come to this topic, but regardless we’re set to see some interesting performances this year from the Formula E division. They’re looking to take alliance partner Renault’s place towards the end of the season. You can take a look here at their 2018/19 livery at the Geneva Motor show that was held on Tuesday.

Here’s a look of what to expect from Nissan this year.

What we found even more interesting was Nissan’s reasoning for stepping their foot into the door of Formula E racing. It’s global motorsport director Michael Carcamo explained that “using the electric series to explore new automotive systems for younger generations was important to Nissan.” He also commented that “The age profile of FE fans is much younger than it is for F1 or other motorsports.” A follow up question that came was why exactly it held so much importance to Carcamo, which he then explained,  “That’s important because when people talk about the declining interest of millennials in driving, we have to give them another alternative. We have to give them more solutions. We want to find mobility options for young people living in big cities.”


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