Tips for Keeping Bird Droppings Off of Your Car

Tips for Keeping Bird Droppings Off of Your Car

Most people believe that the acid in bird droppings cause the unsightly blemishes and patches on their car’s paintwork. However, recent studies suggest that this is not entirely accurate. The acidity of bird droppings does not have anything to do with the resulting damage.

However, since paint lacquer softens and expands when left exposed to sunlight, and then contracts when cooled, it hardens and moulds itself around the uneven texture of the hardened bird droppings. This moulding tends to appear dulled or etched as compared to the rest of the undamaged paintwork, especially when light shines upon it. The study also suggests that the greater the grain-to-liquid content of the bird droppings, the greater the damage it can cause.

How to Keep Bird Droppings Off of Your Car

Aside from being unsightly and causing some serious damage on your paintwork over time, bird droppings on your car’s windshield, hood and over the sides means that you need to wash your car or pay someone else to do it for you more frequently than you normally would. So, how do you keep birds from pooping over your car? Here are some suggestions that may help you solve this annoying problem.

Avoid being a target. You can increase your chances of keeping bird droppings off of your car by choosing the best places to park. Park away from structures where birds usually perch (e.g. light posts, buildings, trees, etc.) since they are known to poop right before or while taking off. You should also avoid parking near a dumpster since scavenger birds tend to frequent these places in search for food.

Cover your mirrors. Birds are attracted to anything that shines so cover your side mirrors with dark colored socks to avoid catching their attention.

Scare them away. Installing a bird-scaring device or two around your car can be an effective way of keeping birds at a safe distance. For best results, put brightly colored foil and/or large predator-like dummies (rubber toy snakes, plastic owls, etc.) around the area in plain sight so the birds can easily see them.

Set up distractions. Keep birds away from your car by setting up bird feeders or by installing decoy mirrors or any reflective items on the other side of your house.

Don’t forget to use wax and polish treatments. While these treatments cannot prevent the birds from pooping all over your car or provide ample protection against the paint moulding caused by bird droppings, they make cleanup a lot easier.

Use a high quality semi-custom outdoor car cover. Give your car the protection it needs by using a high quality outdoor car cover. For best results, choose a durable yet lightweight and breathable car cover that provides a snug fit.

To minimize the damage caused by bird droppings, use a moist cloth to remove them as soon as you can. For dry and hard to remove deposits, consider placing a moist cloth over the surface for at least ten minutes to soften them before wiping them away. Avoid vigorous rubbing and scrubbing since it can only remove the protective layers from your car’s finish.


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