Motorsport Champion Brent Lee

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Brent Lee lives in San Diego and has a passion for all Motorsports and grew up around cars in his father’s automotive shop working on and servicing all types of cars.

He enjoys going to the gym, biking and drifting with friends and working on his vehicles, if not racing around the country in National Rallies and the Terracross Championships.

His accomplishments started with multiple Kart and Rallycross Championships and finished 5th in his rookie season as a national stage rally driver where you race on real roads on Ice, snow, mud, dirt and tarmac with street legal cars, reaching speeds of over 100 mph.

Brent Lee has won numerous rallies in group 2 and is the current 2016 American Rally Car Championship Champion and is going after the 2017 UTV Rally Pro Turbo Championship.

He enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge on motorsports and is a ambassador for safe racing. Brent Lee has compete in the Terracross Championships on CBS Sports Network and competing against the top action sports athletes in the world in a UTV.

One of Brent’s most biggest personal accomplishments was winning the Madonna Award twice, that other icons have won like Terry Labonte, Bill Elliott, Dale Earnhardt and Ivan (Iron Man) Stewart. Goals of Brent Lee are more podiums in Stage Rally, Terracross Championships and other events.

You can follow @brentlee35 on twitter or instagram, @Brent Lee Motorsports on facebook and the web,

Here’s Brent Lee’s Polaris RZR Turbo 2016 with our Seal Skin™ All Weather UTV Outdoor Cover

A Word From Motorcross Champ Brent Lee


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