Jet Ski in Storage? Here’s How to Get It Ready for Summer

Jet Ski in Storage? Here's How to Get It Ready for Summer

With summer just around the corner, a lot of people will be busy getting their jet skis ready for another round of fun and excitement. However, since you have kept your jet ski in storage through the long winter months, your favorite watercraft may require some attention before you can take it out to the water.

Basically, you’ll have fewer things to worry about if you have properly winterized your jet ski before putting it in storage. However, you might run into some serious problems if you haven’t made the necessary preparations before storing it. How do you make sure your jet ski is ready for the summer? Here’s a useful guide that can help you determine if your jet ski is as ready as you are.

How to Summerize Your Jet Ski

Here’s a list of the things you need to do before taking your jet ski out for a ride.

Refill your gas tank. Drain all the fluids and put some fresh fuel right after taking your jet ski out of storage. Running fresh fuel often dislodges any clogged areas but if you need more help, try adding some high quality fuel stabilizer to completely eradicate the clogs. Using fuel treatments can also reduce or eliminate the risks of fuel oxidation and corrosion, and prevents the accumulation of deposits (e.g. fuel system gum and varnish deposits) along the fuel system.

Check the lines. Check your fuel lines to make sure that there are no cracks or areas that have worn thin during storage. You should also check your cooling lines to make sure they are still in good condition. Replace all components when necessary.

Pay special attention to the bearings. Don’t forget to check all bearings before taking your jet ski to the water. Grease and seal all bearings to ensure that everything stays properly lubricated. This simple step can also help prevent contaminants (e.g. dirt, sand, salt, etc.) from getting inside and ruining your engine.

Check the spark plugs. Moisture can easily corrode your spark plugs so check the bores to see if rust has formed in this area. You may also want to replace your spark plugs if you feel that your favorite watercraft is running rough.

Give it a good cleaning. After sitting on storage for months, there is a great possibility that your jet ski may have accumulated a considerable amount of dirt, dust and grime so roll up your sleeves and give it a good cleaning. You’ll have an easier time getting your ride ready if you used a high quality semi-custom jet ski coverfrom a credible manufacturer such as Seal Skin Covers.

In addition, using a high quality cover can help you protect your watercraft against the harmful effects of the sun, acid rain and other environmental pollutants. You can also use it to keep critters and bird droppings out and prevent casual theft.

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