5 Jet Ski Storage Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Looking New

5 Jet Ski Storage Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Looking New

For serious jet ski lovers, there is nothing more depressing than the sight of a jet ski parked on the driveway or on a trailer behind the garage. However, this situation cannot be avoided since some people don’t have a space for their jet skis inside their garage. As such, they have no other choice but to leave their favorite water vehicle out in the open.

Improper jet ski storage can also cause some serious damage to your personal watercraft. Leaving your jet ski outdoors devoid of any suitable protection may result in fading or peeling paint, prematurely failed batteries, broken engine casing, or a gummed up fuel system.

Proper Jet Ski Storage: Some Useful Tips to Consider

What should you do to protect your favorite watercraft and keep it looking great during the off season? Here are some tips that can help you achieve your goal:

Give it a good washing. Make sure your jet ski gets a good washing before putting it away for the season. Remove all traces of water and spray all metal parts with an emulsifying lubricant to prevent freezing and corrosion and to discourage mildew growth. You should also apply a thin layer of wax on the exterior to give it an extra layer of protective coating and keep it looking great.

Stabilize your fuel. Use a fuel stabilizer to prevent gas contamination or residue build up which may eat away at your gas tank and hoses. For best results, fill up your tank and top it off with an appropriate fuel stabilizer to prevent your gas from going bad. Start your engine and run it for about 30 seconds.

Oil it up. Run fogging oil through the carburetors and spark plug cylinders to prevent corrosion, and change your pump oil to save pump bearings.

Remove your battery. Don’t forget to disconnect or remove your battery if you don’t want to buy a replacement the next time you use your jet ski. Store the battery in a warm area, preferably in the shed or the basement.

Store it properly. For long term jet ski storage, consider keeping it indoors to protect it against harmful UV rays, bird droppings and other external factors that may damage your paint and wreck havoc on your jet ski’s seat and traction mats. You can put it in your garage, buy an affordable jet ski shed, keep it in a rack or dry stack storage, or rent an appropriately sized self storage unit with a drive-up access. For best results, consider using a high quality jet ski cover to provide an added layer of protection, especially if you have no other recourse but to keep your favorite water vehicle outdoors.

Always remember – if you don’t maintain your vehicle properly and give it the protection it deserves during the off season, you may be in for an unpleasant and expensive surprise when you take it out in the spring.

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